Support to Animal Health Services

This programme aims to support Animal Health Services in the region by facilitating platforms to share animal health information and strengthening countermeasures. The activities under this programme have been organised in collaboration with the Animal production and Health Commission for Asia and the Pacific of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO-APHCA), Japan Livestock Technical Association (JLTA) and Federation of Asian Veterinary Association (FAVA) and other partner agencies.

The improvement of animal health information and communication systems in the sub-regions: South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia and the Pacific can be achieved through meetings, workshops, training programmes, consultancy services and publications related to animal disease surveillance and control.

Workshops and meetings were also organized to collect information and strengthening countermeasures on the prevention and control of emerging diseases such as brucellosis, bluetongue, porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome (PRRS), and classical swine fever (CSF).

Activities on Animal Health Information and Communication

Activities on Emerging Diseases

Regional Animal Disease Reports (2000-2006)