OIE/JTF Project on HPAI Control: Component III

Third OIE Regional Expert Group Meeting for Implementation of the Programme on Surveillance of Wild Birds and Domestic Animals along with Migratory Flyways under OIE/JTF Project for Strengthening HPAI Control in Asia (Tokyo, Japan, 16-17 June 2010)

The 3rd OIE Regional Expert Group Meeting for AI surveillance of wild birds and domestic animals along migratory flyways was organized successfully in Tokyo on 16-17 June 2010.

This surveillance programme is one of the three components of OIE/Japan Trust Fund (JTF) Programme on Strengthening HPAI control in Asia which was launched in April 2008.  This OIE/JTF Programme is to be carried out for five years from April 2008 to March 2013.

The meeting was convened to discuss and establish an annual action plan for the implementation of AI surveillance in wild birds and domestic birds this year.

To date AI Surveillance has been carried out in Hong Kong SAR, PR China, Laos, Mongolia and Vietnam in line with the action plans established in the previous meetings in 2008 and 2009.

The main objectives of the 3rd meeting were:

  1. To discuss and prepare an Action Plan for the surveillance in 2010
  2. To discuss Methods for implementation of the surveillance in 2010
  3. To share information on the progress of the project in 2008 and 2009
  4. To provide OIE with technical advice on implementation of the surveillance.

The opening remarks were given by Dr Itsuo Shimohira, OIE Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific, Dr Keith Hamilton, OFFLU Coordinator of OIE and Dr Minoru Yamamoto, Director of International Animal Health Affairs Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan on behalf of the Donor of the OIE/JTF Programme.

In the meeting, participants had a good opportunity to talk about the current situation on HPAI as well as migration of wild birds in each country and to share relevant information concerned.

In the meeting, the following three countries have been selected as the candidate countries for the implementation of the surveillance programme in June 2010 – March 2011.

(1) East Asia: Mongolia, (2) Southeast Asia: Vietnam, (3) South Asia: Bangladesh

The next meeting is expected to convene in April-June 2011.

Conclusion and recommendation

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