OIE/JSTF Project on HPAI Control: Component 3

Upgrading of Diagnostic Laboratory Capacities

This component comprises two main sets of activities: provision of necessary equipment at selected regional and national reference laboratories; and training of laboratory-based veterinary technical staff on HPAI diagnosis.

The Project provides laboratory equipments, which are essential for prompt and accurate HPAI diagnosis. In each country, the Project identified those laboratories to be upgraded in view of raising the standard of HPAI diagnostic capacities to the international standard, and indicated necessary equipments for each country's review. OIE will procure these equipments and hand them over to the country. In certain laboratories, the Project will also support a limited amount of improvements for buildings and auxiliary facilities that are needed prior to installments.

Training for laboratory staff includes: (1) two regional workshops (one on sequencer, and the other on general diagnosis); (2) training courses at national level; and (3) on-the-job training for up to three months for selected countries which would require more intensive, hands-on training. In view of their already developed diagnostic capacities, Thailand and Malaysia are exempt from national training. Thai experts, instead, will train laboratory veterinarians from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. These countries will also be the recipients of the on-the-job training in Thailand. Training in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam will be conducted by experts recruited as consultants.


The OIE/NIAH-DLD Regional Workshop for Laboratory Staff Members of HPAI Diagnostic Laboratories (Bangkok, Thailand, 26-30 March 2007)