OIE/JSTF Project on HPAI Control: Component 1

Support to Regional and National Strategy Formulation and Improvements

Under this component, the Project will help each country improve its national strategy on HPAI control. Specific Project supports include: desk reviews of the existing strategies; consultations with the competent authorities; and finalization of the recommendations for improvements. These activities will be carried out by international consultants under the supervision of OIE.

In addition, the Project will help fine-tune the Regional HPAI control strategies. Details of the expected Project support are currently worked out.


OIE Regional Workshop on HPAI Control at Source in Southeast Asia (Queenstown, New Zealand, 26 November 2007)

The Third ASEAN Workshop on HPAI Control and Eradication organized in collaboration with ADB, FAO, OIE and Department of Agriculture of the Philippines (Manila, Philippines, 28 -30 August 2007)

The Second ASEAN Workshop on HPAI Control and Eradication in collaboration with ASEAN, ADB, FAO and OIE (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 27 February-2 March 2007)

Joint OIE-ASEAN/ADB Inception Workshop on HPAI Control and Eradication in ASEAN (Jakarta, Indonesia, 9-11 October 2006)