Last updated: 01/02/2021

Regional Aquatic Animal Disease Report

Diseases included in this report are diseases notifiable to the OIE and non OIE-listed diseases which are considered to be of importance in the region. It is useful to know the epidemiology of diseases which occurred in each country or territory and to know the distribution of such diseases in the region. This information is also included in the OIE Quarterly Aquatic Animal Disease Report and the OIE Regional Aquatic Animal Disease Yearbook published by the Regional Representation.


Quarterly Reports (2015-  ):

Codes used in the Report:

  • Codes indicating disease presence
    • +       Disease reported or known to be present
    • + ()    Occurrence limited to certain zones
  • Codes indicating the presence of the infection/infestation
    • +?       Serological evidence and/or isolation of causative agent but no clinical diseases
    • +?( )   Identification of the presence of infection/infestication in one or more zones of the country using diagnositc tests
    • ?( )     Presence of the disease suspected but not confirmed in one or more zones of the country
  • Codes indicating disease absence
    • –             Not reported (but disease is known to occur)
    • 0000    Never reported
    • (year)   Year of last occurrence
  • Other codes
    • ?           Suspected by reporting officer but presence not confirmed
    • *            No information available

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