The 3rd SEACFMD Roadmap, 2016-2020

This 3rd Edition of the SEACFMD Roadmap is a guidance document consistent with the OIE/FAO Global Foot and Mouth Disease Control Strategy, that outlines the activities, resources and political commitment required to control, prevent and, eventually, eradicate FMD in South-East Asia and China. The document builds upon the successes of the previous four phases of the SEACFMD Campaign with the introduction of Phase 5 (2016-2020), which provides strategic direction to achieve significant reductions in FMD in the region by 2020 while at the same time protecting free countries and zones.
The Roadmap recognises that the control and eradication of complex and highly infectious transboundary diseases such as FMD takes many years to achieve success, and requires political commitment and the provision of considerable resources. Given that 11 countries are directly involved in SEACFMD, strong and effective coordination, as provided by the OIE Sub Regional Representation, is necessary to support information exchange and the development of agreed overarching disease control strategies.  However, Members Countries have responsibility for managing and eradicating FMD nationally, or for preventing the entry of FMD.  In this regard, and in the context of overall agreed SEACFMD approaches, they need to customise approaches to suit their particular national circumstances.
This document provides a background and context to the SEACFMD Strategy and summarises the strategic components of Phase 5 of the Campaign from 2016-2020. It includes an Annex describing Member Country goals, objectives and timeframes linked to the Roadmap. The Roadmap will be supported by manuals which will detail each of the Strategy Components: technical; coordination and advocacy; and governance and policy. Cross-cutting issues are identified, and will be addressed in these manuals. The Strategy Components, which will be reviewed annually, describe in detail the activities, timeframes and resourcing for the elements of the Roadmap outlined in the broader Strategic Framework.

The Roadmap aims to:
1.    Describe the nature and the achievements of the SEACFMD Campaign;
2.    Introduce the SEACFMD 2016-2020 Strategic Framework and its links with the Global FMD Control Strategy;
3.    Detail the activities to be undertaken in Phase 5 of the SEACFMD Campaign;
4.    Provide support to Member Countries in their advancement along the Progressive Control Pathway
5.    Indicate technical assistance can be provided by OIE SRR SEA and OIE HQ to facilitate future planning and investment strategies as well as the preparation of applications to OIE for national FMD control programmes;
6.    Emphasise the importance of Veterinary Services for animal and human health and economic development;
7.    Reiterate the critical importance of properly planned and developed vaccine programs including vaccine matching and quality;
8.    Promote the OIE’s FMD Regional Vaccine bank concept
9.    Outline principles of governance, policy development, coordination and advocacy in relation to transboundary and emerging infectious diseases, and promote SEACFMD as a model for control of other animal and zoonotic diseases.
10.    Provide a background document for Governments, donor organisations and stakeholders when considering resources support for the SEACFMD.