Last Updated: 8 Nov 2021

Regional Activities

Regional and Sub-Regional Activities

The key activities include AMU monitoring workshops to understand the AMU supply chain; awareness seminars for the livestock and aquaculture industries; awareness seminars for the veterinary educations establishments (VEE); laboratory trainings on AMR surveillance; and focal point trainings for veterinary products.

Veterinary services should mainstream antimicrobial stewardship as one of its core activities to combat AMR for which the OIE can provide necessary support.

In-country/national AMR/AMU activities organised by OIE RR and SRR since 2018

1. In-country workshop on monitoring of the quantities and usage patterns of antimicrobial agents used in animals

  • [2018] – Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Philippines
  • [2019] – Bangladesh, Bhutan, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam
  • [2020] – Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan
  • [2021] – India

2. Seminar on containment of AMR for the Veterinary Education Establishments and Veterinary Statutory Bodies

  • [2018] – Cambodia, Lao PDR, Viet Nam
  • [2019] – Bangladesh, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka
  • [2020] – Indonesia, Malaysia

3. Seminar on containment of AMR in the livestock and aquaculture industries

  • [2018] – Cambodia, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Viet Nam
  • [2019] – Bhutan, Philippines

4. Review implementation of National Action Plan on AMR in the livestock and aquaculture sector

  • [2018] – Myanmar
  • [2019] – Myanmar, Viet Nam