Regional Tripartite

Awareness Videos to Combat AMR

The Regional Tripartite (FAO/OIE/WHO) in partnership with UNEP has developed a set of videos to raise awareness on antimicrobial resistance (AMR). AMR is a huge global problem which threatens our ability to combat infections in both humans and animals.

The Regional Tripartite and partners have identified AMR as a key priority which requires a One Health approach, with multisectoral collaboration. Organisations and sectors are therefore working together in the region and globally to tackle the issue.

YouTube link to English ver. / Chinese ver. / Nepali ver. (New: 24/12/2020)

On 6th July 2020, new videos were launched, in association with a publication from UNEP on “Preventing future zoonotic disease outbreaks: protecting the environment, animals and people in a post-COVID-19 world”.

There are three key messages in the videos:

  1. Dispose of antibiotics with health professionals
  2.  Follow prescription recommendations.
  3. Use good hygiene practices.

YouTube link to English ver / Chinese ver

The videos have been developed for sharing on social media accounts. Should you need video files, please contact us.