Terrestrial Animal Health

Strengthening the surveillance and control of animal diseases

Asia and the Pacific region is a culturally, geographically, socially, linguistically and economically diverse region. Of all the OIE regions, it has the largest human and animal populations and animal protein resources. There have been outbreaks of important infectious and contagious animal diseases. The OIE RRAP is committed to provide regionally-adapted services to all regional members to strengthen the surveillance and control of animal diseases, not only within each country but also for the region. The OIE SRR-SEA aims to strengthen its involvement in policy design and good governance in animal health systems and veterinary services of member countries. By facilitating the exchange of scientific knowledge and providing technical support and advice, the SRR-SEA promotes animal health welfare, coordinates animal disease control programs particularly SEACFMD and rabies, and strengthen the performance of veterinary services in South East Asia. Close collaboration of Regional and Sub-regional offices with OIE Headquarters and the Regional Commission for Asia, the Far East and Oceania facilitates the practical implementation of OIE’s objectives.

Terrestrial Animal Health related Regional Activities: