Aquatic Animal Health

Aquaculture is still the fastest growing food-producing sector in the world. The Asia and Pacific region has dominated global aquaculture production, both in quantity and value. However, the rapid growth of this sector brings with it risks, which are compounded by the increasingly globalized trade in live aquatic animals and their products.

OIE assists its members in Asia and Pacific region for better management of aquatic animal health and welfare through the OIE PVS pathway and associated initiatives, Quarterly Aquatic Animal Disease Report, activities under the Regional Collaboration Framework on Aquatic Animal Health, Seminar for OIE Focal Points for Aquatic Animals and other related workshops.

Quarterly Aquatic Animal Disease Reports (QAAD)

OIE RRAP collaborates and cooperates closely with the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia and Pacific Region (NACA), and dissemination of QAAD serves as an early warning system for some emerging diseases of worldwide significance and facilitates establishment of national and regional Aquatic Animal Health surveillance system.

Regional Collaboration Framework on Aquatic Animal Health

A Framework focus on building a framework of actors to strengthen laboratory capacity for aquatic animal disease activities in Asia and the Pacific and information sharing among OIE Reference Centres and OIE Member Countries regarding aquatic animal health issues.

Information Sharing Platform for Aquatic Animal Health

A platform for sharing of training materials and scientific information on aquatic animal health.

Performance of Veterinary Services (PVS)


OIE Aquatic Animal Portal

This page provides access to a range of useful information on OIE activities in aquatic animals. Please feel free to use and disseminate this information.

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