OIE Vaccine Banks - new calls for tenders

A decade ago, the OIE established a mechanism to facilitate the procurement of high-quality vaccines, manufactured in accordance with OIE standards, for the benefit and use of its Members: the OIE Vaccine Banks.

As the OIE intends to continue providing this service to its Members and in line with the procurement procedures set out for the OIE Vaccine Banks, new calls for tenders for the OIE rabies and OIE PPR Vaccine Banks have been launched today. These two distinct calls will determine which suppliers will furnish these two OIE Vaccine Banks for at least the next four years (2022-2025).

The final deadline for suppliers to respond to these calls is 19 April 2021.

Following the different steps for the award of these tenders (Opening Committee, Selection Committee, signature of contracts with the selected manufacturers), it is expected that the new OIE Rabies and OIE PPR Vaccine Banks be effective on 1 January 2022. In the meantime, the current contracts with the suppliers selected in 2016 are active until the end of this year.

All information related to these calls for tenders (2 documents for each call: Document A_Tender Procedure Rules and Document_B terms of reference) can be found here: https://www.oie.int/en/call-for-tender/current-call-for-tenders/