New webpage on events organised by the OIE RCs

Despite the various challenges we are facing to organise face to face meetings in the COVID 19 situation, some of the OIE Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres (RCs) in our region are organising events and/or technical trainings that maybe of interest to OIE Members and partners in accordance with their mandates.

To highlight these activities and encourage Members to participate in them, RRAP has created a new webpage to show the list of upcoming events organised by the OIE RCs in our region that are open to OIE Members and partners.

The new webpage is here. It is also accessible from ‘2020 events list’ and ‘Activities of OIE Reference Centres in Asia and the Pacific’ page.


For the OIE RCs in our region, please don’t hesitate to share information about your events  with us.