AMU Data Collection IT System

Webinar to Introduce the Future OIE AMU Data Collection IT System

The OIE organised a regional workshop for Asia and the Pacific to present the future AMU IT system that will enable OIE members to report AMU data online in the future.


Since 2015, the World Assembly of OIE Delegates has set as a priority the development of the OIE data collection on Antimicrobial Agents Intended for Use in Animals (OIE AMU data collection). In 2018, during the Second OIE Global Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance: Putting Standards into Practice, it was recommended to the OIE to further develop the OIE AMU data collection, converting the current spreadsheet format to a database system, able to accommodate data submissions by animal species, and its connection to the World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS) and also allowing the addition of data from field studies. The recommendations of the Conference further encourage OIE Members to contribute to the OIE annual collection of data on antimicrobial agents intended for use in animals, and to publish, whenever possible, their own national reports on the sales or use of antimicrobial agents in relation to the animal population of the country.


The OIE is in the process of building an interactive automated system in which Members will report the antimicrobial quantities intended for use in animals and receive support for calculating amounts of active ingredients. This AMU IT system will be accessible online and will help Members with their calculations, reduce errors and improve the quality of data. The AMU IT system will also simplify the reporting process, enable faster reporting and analysis, and encourage Members to use their own data to get valuable insights and visualize important information.


In this context, the OIE HQ, Regional Representation of Asia and the Pacific, Sub-regional Representation for South-East Asia hold webinars on the OIE AMU Data Collection, and as part of the AMU IT system development process, specific with the objectives of raising awareness among the participants on the scope of the OIE AMU data collection, to introduce the OIE AMU data collection IT systems, and to understand the perspective of the participants on the new system and learn the concerns on the possible limitations.


Download the presentations and watch the recordings here:

OIE AMU Data Collection at Glance/ video (Delfy Góchez)
Scope of the OIE AMU Data Collection / video (Morgan Jeannin)
Second Phase of the AMU Data Collection: IT System / video (Mduduzi Magongo)
OIE AMU Global Database: Interfaces and Profiles / video (Mduduzi Magongo)
OIE AMU Global Database: Data Submission / video (Delfy Góchez)
OIE AMU System: Data Visualization / video (Morgan Jeannin)
OIE AMU Global Database: Data Injection and APIs / video (Mduduzi Magongo)

Important link:
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