2nd (virtual) meeting of East Asia CVO Forum

*The picture shown above was taken in the last meeting in 2019

The East Asia CVO forum was established in 2016 to create a platform for regular exchange of information and discussions on issues relating to animal health in this geographic sub-region. With several high impact transboundary animal diseases in Asia or a risk of entering, it was recognised that a technical forum would be beneficial to share information and discuss strategies for prevention and control of several transboundary animal diseases.

Six members agreed to establish the forum and invite DPR Korea to participate in activities, with support from OIE RRAP and FAO RAP.

Under the CVO forum, East Asia contact persons were nominated to coordinate on priority areas and propose activities to be conducted for East Asia Members. It was agreed that the OIE regional representation in Tokyo, Japan would act as secretariat for the East Asia CVO forum.

Since the establishment of the East Asia CVO forum, several activities have been organised each year based on the agreed priority areas and in response to topical issues. Many of these activities have been organised in parallel with other regional events or with other sub-regions to allow for exchange between East Asia and other sub-regions.

At the 10th regional steering committee meeting of GFTADs for Asia and the Pacific, held in 2018, East Asia was formally recognised as a geographic subregion to be represented on the regional steering committee. This year, an updated terms of reference has been proposed for the GFTADs regional steering committee and feedback from each sub-region has been sought.

On 2nd July 2020, we organised Virtual East Asia CVO forum together with Contact Persons Meeting.

The objectives of the meeting were

  • review the activities and priorities over the past 4 years
  • propose future priorities and activities
  • discuss East Asia representation and input to the regional GFTADs.
  • update on members activities

Meeting Report