NFP for VP (6th Cycle)

Regional Seminar for OIE National Focal Points for Veterinary Products (6th Cycle)

During the 76th General Session in May 2008, the importance of the Focal Points (FPs) for information on animal diseases was re-iterated, and Delegates were also requested to nominate additional focal points for wildlife, veterinary products, animal production food safety, animal welfare and aquatic animals. OIE FPs, nominated by OIE Delegates and acting under their supervision, is an important mechanism for countries to satisfy their OIE obligations and to strengthen communication and collaboration between Member Countries (MCs) and the OIE.

The OIE Sub-Regional Representation (SRR) for South East Asia was established in 2010 and has been entrusted with the organisation of several training courses for OIE FPs including wildlife, animal disease notification, animal welfare, communication, aquatic animal diseases and veterinary products.

Under the technical supervision of the OIE Scientific and Technical Department, now renamed the OIE Antimicrobial Resistance and Veterinary Products Department, the training of Focal Points for Veterinary Products in Asia and the Pacific commenced in 2011 with a first (cycle) seminar organised for all Focal Points in Siem Reap, Cambodia : and was followed by second, third, fourth and fifth cycle seminars in Bangkok, Thailand and Tokyo, Japan in 2012-2018

These seminars provided the FPs with knowledge on rights, commitments, and responsibilities of the OIE National Focal Points in the standard-setting process and compliance of their countries with the OIE international standards. It also provided the more in-depth understanding of key issues such as antimicrobial resistance (AMR) including the Global Action Plan developed by WHO with the support of the OIE and FAO, Tripartite activities, the OIE database on the use of antimicrobial agents, and the OIE strategy on AMR, raise awareness on anti-parasitic resistance, and quality of veterinary products including the challenge of falsified medicines, possibility on harmonisation/convergence of regulatory systems for registration of veterinary products.

The new cycle (VI) will build on the feedback received from previous seminars, focus on different aspects of quality of veterinary medicines and revisit the recommendations of the 2nd OIE Global Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance and Prudent Use of Antimicrobial Agents in Animals “Putting Standards into Practice” (Marrakesh, Morocco, 29 – 31 October 2018).

The experts from OIE Collaborating Centres (OIE CCs) will technically support the seminar like previous times.