PVS Pathway Orientation Workshop for South-East Asia

The delivery of sub-regional PVS Pathway Orientation training is a key initial step to strengthen OIE Members’ understanding of, and engagement with, the PVS Pathway. It also supports the development of a sub-regional approach to the PVS Pathway.

The PVS Pathway Orientation was attended by 32 national veterinary staff from 9 countries of South East Asia, i.e. Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. 3 regional experts and 6 representatives from partners (FAO, WHO, NACA, Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security and Australian Department of Agriculture) also attended.

As part of the objectives of the workshop, each participating country developed a 12-18-month PVS/project engagement plan.

One of the side objectives of the workshop, clearly pointed out to the participants, was also to identify some exceptionally engaging and promising professionals, who could be considered for participation in PVS missions as observers, in order to eventually become PVS Experts in the near future.

This workshop was also the opportunity to present and pilot the Business Advocacy Tool, to promote sustainable funding for Veterinary Services as part of National Health Security budget.


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