Forthcoming OIE Regional Events in Asia Pacific




Target Group

Regional Seminar for OIE National Focal Points for Veterinary Products (6th Cycle)
14-16 Jan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Asia-Pacific
Regional Training Seminar for OIE National Focal Points for Animal Disease Notification (Postponed)
TBC TBC Asia-Pacific
Regional Workshop for the International Networking of ASF Research in Asia
26-27 Feb Tokyo, Japan Selected
SEACFMD National Coordinators Meeting (and East Asia NCP Meeting (Postponed)
Training of Trainers in outbreak investigation and response management for SE Asia, Timor and PNG (Postponed)
(TBC) Luang Prabang, Lao PDR Selected
Regional Workshop on AMU Database (Postponed)
TBC Bangkok, Thailand Asia-Pacific
4th Meeting of Standing Group of Experts on ASF (Postponed)
TBC Incheon, RO Korea Selected
Information Seminar for Recently Appointed OIE Delegates
23 May Paris, France Recently appointed OIE Delegates
88th OIE General Session
24-29 May Paris, France Global
Regional Steering Committee Meeting of GF-TADs
16-17 June Tokyo, Japan Steering Committee members
PPR Risk Assessment Workshop for South East Asia
PPR GEP Advisory Committee and SAARC road map meetings
22-24 June New Delhi, India SAARC members
Asia Rabies Workshop
Sep (TBC) Bangkok, Thailand Selected
3rd PPR Global Research and Expertise Network (GREN) Meeting
Oct (TBC) Qingdao, PR China Selected
Regional Tripartite Workshop on Support Developing Country specific AMR Communication Strategy
Oct (TBC) TBC Selected
Regional Training on Animal Disease Early Detection and Outbreak
2-4 Nov Qingdao, PR China SEACFMD members +
East Asia Epi-net/Lab net meeting in parallel with SEACFMD Epi-net meeting
5-6 Nov Qingdao, PR China SEACFMD members +
SEACFMD Sub-Commission Meeting
23-27 Nov TBC SEACFMD members +
Meeting of Regional Collaboration Framework on Aquatic
Sub-regional Workshop on effective utilization and training of VPPs for Southeast Asia
ASEAN members