Last updated: 14/04/2021

2021 OIE Regional Events in Asia and the Pacific

2021 OIE Virtual Event List









Virtual Meeting on Wildlife Health for OIE Members in South Asia


13-Jan RRAP
Virtual meeting of the Standing Group pf Experts for African Swine Fever in Asia and the Pacific


5-Feb RRAP
Virtual Meeting on Wildlife Health for OIE Members in the Pacific


10-Feb RRAP
The 3rd OIE Regional Meeting for OIE Reference Centres in Asia and the Pacific


24,25-Feb RRAP
OIE Webinar for World Wildlife Day in Asia and the Pacific


3-Mar RRAP
Virtual Training Workshop on PPR Outbreak Investigation in Wildlife


16,17 Mar RRAP
Virtual workshop: preparing for and dealing with incursion of an infectious disease – rabies


22-24-Mar RRAP
OIE Webinar on Mass Dog Vaccination Methods and Tools for Rabies Elimination in the SAARC Region


29-30 Mar RRAP
AAVS-OIE-UGM Joint Session on Collaboration between Veterinary Education Establishments and International organisations


Workshop on ASF compartmentalisation for the Asia and the Pacific


27-28 April RRAP/SRR SEA
Second Consultation Meeting on the Regional Monitoring and Surveillance Guideline Volume 5: Monitoring antimicrobial use at the farm level


27-29 April OIE, FAO
General Session of the World Assembly of OIE Delegates


24-28-May OIE
World Food Safety Day Webinar


3 June Tripartite/WFP/UNEP
VEEs workshop for India


7-9 June RRAP
Sub-regional wildlife health networks meetings


23-24 June RRAP
Virtual Workshop on Veterinary workforce development


10, 15, 22, 29 June & 6 July HQ/RRAP