Last updated: 16 Dec 2021

2021 OIE Regional Events in Asia and the Pacific









Meeting: ASEAN and OIE Representatives (agenda: MoU, South-East Asia and China foot and mouth disease, vaccine procurement) 



5 Jan  SRR-SEA 
ASF Cross Border Risk Assessment SEA: Session 8 



8 Jan  SRR-SEA 
Meeting: Wildlife Health for OIE Members in South Asia 



13 Jan  RRAP 
ASF Cross Border Risk Assessment SEA: Session 9 



22 Jan  SRR-SEA 
Meeting: Standing Group of Experts for African Swine Fever in Asia and the Pacific 



5 Feb  RRAP 
ASF Cross Border Risk Assessment SEA: Session 10 



9 Feb  SRR-SEA 
Meeting: Wildlife Health for OIE Members in the Pacific 



10 Feb  RRAP 
Session 11: ASF Cross Border Risk Assessment SEA 



19 Feb  SRR-SEA 
Meeting: SEACFMD Joint EpiNet and LabNet 



23 Feb  SRR-SEA 
Meeting (Session 2): Coordination for African Swine Fever Biosecurity and Communication 



24 Feb  SRR-SEA 
3rd OIE Regional Meeting for OIE Reference Centres in Asia and the Pacific 



24-25 Feb  RRAP 
OIE Webinar for World Wildlife Day in Asia and the Pacific 



3 Mar  RRAP 
Session 12: ASF Cross Border Risk Assessment SEA 



5 Mar  SRR-SEA 
Training for Sri Lanka State Veterinary Officers on Prudent and Responsible Use of Antimicrobials 



16 Mar  SRR-SEA 
Training Workshop on PPR Outbreak Investigation in Wildlife 



16-17 Mar  RRAP 
Session 13: ASF Cross Border Risk Assessment SEA 



19 Mar  SRR-SEA 
Workshop: Preparing for and Dealing with Incursion of an Infectious Disease – Rabies 



22-24 Mar  RRAP 
1st e-Module on Value Chain Analysis: Introduction to Animal Value Chain 



24 Mar  SRR-SEA 
OIE Webinar on Mass Dog Vaccination Methods and Tools for Rabies Elimination in the SAARC Region 



29-30 Mar  RRAP 
AAVS-OIE-UGM Joint Session on Collaboration between Veterinary Education Establishments and International Organisations 



2nd e-Module on Value Chain Analysis: Sociological Approach 



7 Apr  SRR-SEA 
Session 14: ASF Cross Border Risk Assessment SEA 



9 Apr  SRR-SEA 
3rd e-Module on Value Chain Analysis: Analysis to Construct Value Chains 



21 Apr  SRR-SEA 
ASF Cross Border Risk Assessment Special Webinar: Introduction to Quantitative Risk Assessment 



23 Apr  SRR-SEA 
Workshop on ASF Compartmentalisation for the Asia and the Pacific 



27-28 Apr  RRAP/SRR-SEA 
Second Consultation Meeting on the Regional Monitoring and Surveillance Guideline Volume 5: Monitoring Antimicrobial Use at the Farm Level 



27-29 Apr  OIE, FAO 
4th e-Module on Value Chain Analysis: Practical Qualitative Risk Analysis 



5 May  SRR-SEA 
Session 15: ASF Cross Border Risk Assessment SEA session 15 


7 May  SRR-SEA 
Webinar: Introduction to the OIE AMU Global Database IT project 



11-12 May  HQ/SRR-SEA 
5th e-Module in Value Chain Analysis: Animal Disease Risk Reduction  



19 May  SRR-SEA 
General Session of the World Assembly of OIE Delegates 



24-28 May  OIE 
Training of Trainers (ToT) on Outbreak Investigation and Response Management 



31 May – 2 Jul  SRR-SEA 
World Food Safety Day Virtual Event – Together We Make Food Safe: One Health Approach 



3 Jun  Regional Tripartite/WFP/UNEP 
East Asia Contact Persons Meeting 


7 Jun  RRAP 
VEEs Workshop for India 



7-9 Jun  RRAP 
Virtual Workshop on Veterinary Workforce Development 



10, 15, 22, 29 Jun & 6 Jul  HQ/RRAP 
Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) Coordination Meeting for South-East Asia 



11 Jun   SRR-SEA 
Virtual Consultation Meeting: Regional Network on AMR/AMU in Aquaculture 


22 Jun  RRAP 
Meeting: Sub-regional Wildlife Health Networks 



23-24 Jun  RRAP/SRR-SEA 
Regional Laboratory Expert Meeting on ASF and Other Pig Diseases in Asia and the Pacific 



OIE Rabies Virtual Workshop in South-East Asia 



6-8 Jul  SRR-SEA 
PVS Pathway Follow-up Workshop 



13 Jul  SRR-SEA 
Webinar on Progress and Challenges in Brucellosis Control in the Asia Pacific Region 


29 Jul  RRAP 
24th SEACFMD National Coordinators Meeting 



29-30 Jul  SRR-SEA 
Advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) Virtual Training  



27 Jul – 30 Aug  SRR-SEA 
5th Cycle Webinar for Focal Points in Wildlife 


20 Aug  HQ/RRAP 
Regional Workshop on Honeybee Diseases 


24 Aug  RRAP 
Session 3: African Swine Fever (ASF) Virtual Coordination Meeting on ASF Diagnosis 


25 Aug 




GF-TADs LSD Regional Update Webinar 


26 Aug  RRAP 
1st OIE Sub-Regional Virtual Workshop on Veterinary Education Establishment (VEE) Accreditation 


27 Aug, 1 & 6 Sep  SRR-SEA 
East Asia Wildlife Health Network Meeting 


7 Sep  RRAP 
Regional Tripartite Webinar on “Wildlife Health for One Health” 


8 Sep  Regional Tripartite/UNEP 
32nd OIE Regional Conference 


15-16 Sep  HQ/RRAP/SRR-SEA 
Regional Training of National OIE Focal Points for Wildlife: Intermediate Cycle Training Round 



20-24 Sep  RRs (global) 
World Rabies Day – Regional Tripartite Webinar 


28 Sep  Regional Tripartite 
Virtual Meeting on Regional Expert Network on Avian Diseases 


29-30 Sep  RRAP 
Advocacy on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), Food Safety, and One Health in Asia 


29-30 Sep  Regional Tripartite 
OIE Virtual Training Series on Rabies Serology for SAARC Region 


11-13 Oct  RRAP/KVAFSU 
OIE Regional Virtual Training Workshop on Molecular Epidemiology Techniques (MET) for Rabies 


19-20 Oct & 3 Dec  RRAP/CVRI 
Regional Expert Consultation on ASF in Wild Pigs in Asia and the Pacific 


2 Nov  RRAP 
PVS Aquatic Information Session 


2 Nov  HQ/RRAP 
National Multi-sectoral Consultation Workshop to Develop AMR Communication Strategy for Cambodia 


10-12 Nov  GDAHP/RRAP 
Capacity Building in Epidemiological Study Design Training 2021 


11 Nov – 10 Dec  SRR-SEA 
Regional Virtual Training on the Diagnosis, Prevention, and Control of Swine Bacterial Diseases 


15-16 Nov  RRAP 
Regional training on New WAHIS 


17 Nov  HQ/RRAP 
World Antimicrobial Awareness Week Event: “AMR Storytellers from the Asia Pacific” 


24 Nov  Regional Tripartite/UNEP 
3rd OIE Regional Workshop on Animal Feed Safety / FAMIC Virtual Training on Heavy Metals 


Meeting: GF-TADs for South Asia 


30 Nov  RRAP/FAO 
Meeting: GF-TADs for Pacific 


1-3 Dec  RRAP/FAO 
3rd meeting of the steering committee of the regional collaboration framework 


6-7 Dec  RRAP 
Asia-Pacific Tripartite Webinar on Prevention and Control of Neglected Parasitic Zoonoses 


TBC  Regional Tripartite 
OIE-SEAVSA Meeting of VEEs in South-East Asia 


7-8 Dec  SRR-SEA 
OIE Virtual Event: Diagnosis and Control of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome 


9-10 Dec  RRAP 
Pacific Wildlife Health Network Meeting 


10 Dec  RRAP 
9th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Multi-sectoral Collaboration at the Animal-Human-Ecosystems Interface (Postponed) 


13-14 Dec  SRR-SEA/RRAP 
East Asia Wildlife Health Network Meeting 


15 Dec  RRAP 
Meeting: Standing Group of Experts on African Swine Fever for Asia and the Pacific 


15 Dec  RRAP 
Second Lumpy skin disease (LSD) Coordination Meeting for South-East Asia – Implementation of LSD Vaccination 


16 Dec  SRR-SEA