The Programme on Strengthening Initiative for Veterinary Services (STRIVES) aims to enhance the veterinary services capacity of South East Asian countries to effectively detect and respond to Emerging Infectious Diseases (EIDs), transboundary animal diseases (TADs) and zoonoses. Through the OIE Performance of Veterinary Services (PVS) Pathway, STRIVES assists member countries in developing their Veterinary Services Strategic Plans using the PVS Evaluation and Gap Analysis as a guide. A special focus is placed on strengthening of veterinary education, modernising veterinary legislation and establishing veterinary statutory bodies (VSB).

The programme will work with member countries to: identify the requirements for an effective and efficient sector; diagnose the capacity needs for improved performance; and develop a costed, strategic plan to improve performance. The Programme will employ the PVS Evaluation and Gap Analysis and follow-up approach (The PVS Pathway) as the basis for a Strategic Plan for improved performance.

For priority countries, the Programme will provide direct assistance to address priority needs identified in the Strategic Plans. The objective is to create and sustain momentum in systems strengthening activities, and attract resources from a range of sources for further efforts. Improvement in Veterinary Professional and Para-Professional education is a priority issue in terms of providing the human resources required to deliver services. The Programme will work with Veterinary Statutory Bodies to align accreditation procedures with the OIE critical competencies.

PVS Pathway

OIE Competencies of ‘Day 1 Graduates’