One Health Programme

One Health is a global movement to strengthen collaboration of the human, animal and environmental health sectors to control major zoonoses and public health threats. In South-East Asia, the Tripartite which includes the OIE Sub-Regional Representation for South-East Asia (OIE SRR SEA) works together to address One Health issues.


The One Health Programme of the OIE SRR-SEA aims to contribute to global efforts to prevent, detect, contain, eliminate and respond to animal and public health risks attributable to zoonoses and animal diseases, especially rabies.


The regional Tripartite also includes the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations through its Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific and the World Health Organization represented by its regional offices in Asia, the WHO South-East Asia Regional Office (WHO-SEARO) and the WHO Western Pacific Region (WPRO). 


In November 2012, the OIE SRR-SEA led the Tripartite in organising the Third Regional Workshop on Multi-Sectoral Collaboration on Zoonoses Prevention and Control in Bali, Indonesia.