OIE Reference Centres

The OIE General Assembly of 181 National Delegates has accredited more than 300 Reference Centers worldwide. This network provides to the OIE all necessary scientific inputs for the preparation of standards used for surveillance, prevention and control of animal diseases including zoonoses.

The network of OIE Reference Centers is supervised by the elected Biological Standards Commissions of the OIE with the support of Scientific and technical department in OIE Headquarters.

An OIE Reference Centre is designated either as:

“OIE Reference Laboratory” whose principal mandate is to function as a world reference centre of expertise on designated pathogens or diseases;

“OIE Collaborating Centre” whose principal mandate is to function as a world centre of research, expertise, standardisation of techniques and dissemination of knowledge on a specialty;

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OIE Collaborating Centres

OIE Reference Laboratories