Contact Meeting on Wider International Harmonisation of VICH Guidelines, Tokyo, 15 November 2012

This meeting was convened by the support of OIE during the 26th meeting of the VICH1) Steering Committe Meeting which was held in Tokyo from 14 to 17 November 2011 in order to find the opportunities on wider international harmonisation of VICH Guidelines. Eleven non-VICH countries and 3 regional organisations (UEMOA, ASEAN and Camevet), together with VICH steering committee members discussed the possibilities and conditions of participation for their countries or regions in VICH activities and guidelines.

1)VICH is currently a trilateral (EU-Japan-USA) programme aimed at harmonising technical requirements for veterinary product registration. Its full title is the International Cooperation on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Veterinary Medical Products.

Some countries currently have observer status: Australia, New Zealand and Canada. VICH was officially launched in April 1996.


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