Regional Animal Disease Report (2000-2006)

Diseases included in this Report were selected by the OIE Standards and Code Commissions from diseases notifiable to the OIE. These selected diseases are considered to be of importance in the region and in international trade.

In collaboration with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, reports are also received from non-OIE members in the region.

Useful information to know the epidemiology of diseases which occurred in each country or territory and to know the distribution of such diseases in the region is also included in the OIE Quarterly Epidemiology Report and the OIE Regional Epidemiology Yearbook published by the Regional Representation.

Information on Terrestrial diseases by country

Information by disease (2000-2004)

Information by disease (2005-2006)

For the information after 2006, please visit World Animal Health Information Database (WAHID)

Codes used in the Report

Codes indicating disease presence

+             Positive occurrence of the disease

+( )        Positive occurrence of the disease limited to certain zones/regions of the country

Codes indicating the presence of the infection/infestation

+?          Identification of the presence of infection/infestation

Codes indicating disease absence

-             Negative occurrence of the disease

0000      Disease never reported

Other codes

?              Presence of the disease suspected but not confirmed

...            No information available

NCA         No susceptible animals