Activities related to Emerging Diseases

Regional Hands-on Laboratory Training on PRRS and other Swine Disease Diagnosis

Beijing, P.R. China, 13-17 April 2015


The training was a follow-up activity to the "Joint FAO/OIE Workshop on Swine Disease Control in Asia" in November 2014 in Beijing.  As recommended by the workshop, OIE RRAP initiated this training in collaboration with China Animal Disease Control Center (CADC), OIE Reference Laboratory (RL) for PRRS.  The objective of this training was to provide the trainees with an opportunity to 1) improve their skills in swine viral disease laboratory diagnosis, 2) further understanding of the relevant OIE International Standards on veterinary laboratory diagnosis, and 3) allow sharing experience and  enhancing cooperation between participating countries.

Total of 11 participants from 9 regional members, namely, Cambodia, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Laos,  Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, participated in the 5-day training.  Dr Zhongqiu Zhang, CVO of China commenced the training.  More than 30 participants, including trainees, trainers and staff of CADC attended the opening ceremony.  

PRRS, CSF are the most concerned swine diseases for the participated members (Table below), while PED attracts more attention since 2013.  Various constraints on lab diagnoses still exist, however, and these compromise the efforts to control these diseases.  

Table: Swine diseases of priority concerns listed by participated members










No. of listed Members










Tests including cell culture and passage, specimens' preparation, virus isolation, FAT, IPMA, RT-PCR, ELISA and TCID50 were practiced by trainees themselves with demonstration and guidance.  All tests were well done by all trainees.

Besides hands-on practice, varied topics were discussed extensively.  Participants refreshed their lab knowledge and also benefit from experience exchanging.  Method for distinguish the infected from the vaccinated animal (DIVA), results analyse, proficiency test and network between laboratories were discussed or envisaged.  

The training was successfully completed with distributing certificates by Dr Weisheng Chen, Director General of CADC.

The OIE RRAP appreciate CADC and will continue to collaborate with partners to find more opportunities to support regional veterinary capacity building, especially on swine disease control.

The training was funded by voluntary contribution from Government of China to World Animal Health and Welfare Fund.


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