Activities related to Emerging Diseases

OIE/FAO Regional Workshop on Classical Swine Fever (CSF) Control for Southeast Asia, in collaboration with the Bureau of Animal Industry
(Manila, Philippines, 7-8 July 2008)

The workshop was attended by 23 participants. They were represented by Representatives from Southeast Asian countries, responsible persons from Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), Philippines, Representatives from FAO RAP, OIE Asia-Pacific, Dr. Minoru Yamamoto from Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), Japan, Dr. Ken Inui from the FAO project in Vietnam and Dr. Chris Morrissy from AAHL, Australia.

Opening remarks were made by Dr. Akemi Kamakawa, OIE Deputy Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific, Dr. Carolyn Benigno, FAO RAP Animal Health Officer, Dr. Samuel Animas, National focal person of Philippines and lastly Dr. Davinio P. Catbagan, Director of BAI, who inaugurated the workshop.

The speakers were Dr. Akemi Kamakawa on CSF: Regional situation and OIE standards; Dr. Ken Inui, FAO-Vietnam, on CSF diagnostic requirements; Dr. Minoru Yamamoto, MAFF-Japan on Achievement of the CSF eradication programme in Japan; Dr. Carolyn Benigno, FAO-RAP on CSF activities in the Region; and Dr. Than Hla, OIE Asia-Pacific on Review of the past regional GF-TADs’ activities and proposal of a CSF control strategy in Southeast Asia. Additionally, Dr. Chris Morrissy (AAHL) spoke about Regional CSF Projects & Diagnostics.

Each country representative presented its national situation on pig production and CSF.

A frame of draft CSF control strategy was discussed: the goal, phase objectives, strategy, technical components, phase task lists and implementation arrangements at the national and regional level. Draft networks (contact lists) were prepared for both epidemiologies and laboratories.

The workshop was very well organised and productive, thanks to a good team work of the host country and co-organisers, and valuable opinions/participation by skilled experts.

Classical Swine Fever is one of the prioritised TADs agreed upon by the Regional Steering Committee of Global Framework for progressive control of Transboundary Animal Diseases (GF-TADs) for Asia and Pacific Region. Compared to the other two diseases HPAI and FMD, CSF has received so far little attention for the regional approach towards eradication of the disease.

A regional framework for CSF control in Southeast Asia which aims at eventual eradication by 2020 was drafted. The CSF Control programme is to be divided into three phases. As a process to be endorsed by the region, Dr. S. Animas of BAI, a member of ASWGL (ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Livestock), is going to convey the proposal to the next ASEAN working group meeting in spring 2009. He requested the possible organisation of another meeting for finalising the document by early next year.