Director General of OIE visited OIE Regional Representation for Asia and the Pacific.

Symposium on the OIE's Activities and Japan, inviting Dr Monique Eloit, Director General of the OIE, Tokyo, Japan, 24 March 2017

This was Dr Monique Eloit’s first visit to Japan since she began her term of office as Director General on 1st January 2016, which was also at the time of the launch of the OIE 6th Strategic plan. She spent a busy week in Tokyo and Miyagi prefecture visiting veterinary and government officials as well as seeing some of the Japanese agriculture industry. The visit has highlighted and strengthened the important relationship between the OIE and Japan, with OIE Regional Representation for Asia and The Pacific based in Tokyo. The visit was concluded with a symposium in Tokyo to discuss the role of the OIE in Animal and Public Health and the vision of the 6th Strategic plan going into the future globally and also in the Asia Pacific Region and Japan.

The Symposium was attended by over 180 people from Japanese and international organisations, with government representatives as well as academic, laboratory and research institutes and was held inside the University of Tokyo where the OIE Regional Representation for Asia and the Pacific keeps its office.

The symposium was opened by Dr Hirofumi Kugita, the OIE Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific. This was followed by a welcome address from Dr Takeharu Imashiro, Director General of the Food Safety and Consumer Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan.

Dr Eloit’s keynote address focused on the Global Challenges for animal health today, particularly in the livestock and food producing sector. Globalisation, climate change and technology have all had dramatic impacts on agriculture and diseases and it is necessary for Veterinarians and other Animal Health workers to keep up with and adapt to these changes. Dr Eloit’s talk highlighted the mandated work of the OIE on international standards, international animal disease reporting, scientific expertise and capacity building to contribute to the OIE’s ongoing commitment to animal health worldwide for the protection and improvement of both animal and human health and welfare.

The Director General also acknowledged the contributions made by Japan to achieve these global goals and the strong commitment Japan shows to its veterinary services and agricultural industry.

After the keynote address there were presentations made by several prominent Japanese veterinary experts; Dr Isao Kurauchi, President of the Japanese Veterinary Medical Association discussed the situation with the veterinary profession in Japan and veterinary education; Dr Norio Kumagai, Chief Veterinary Officer of Japan and Director of Animal Health Division, MAFF, discussed animal disease control and trade in Japan; Dr Masahiko Hayashi, Director of Antimicrobial Resistance, Animal Products Safety Division, MAFF spoke about the actions for combatting antimicrobial resistance in Japan and finally Professor Tsutomu Sekizaki, Director of the Research Centre for Food Safety in the University of Tokyo discussed the work done on food safety and public health in Japan.

There was a lively panel discussion with Q and A after the presentations and the symposium was officially closed by Dr Kazuo Ito, the OIE delegate of Japan. The informal discussions on these important subjects continued for several hours during a cocktail reception which was the final event on Dr Eloit’s visit to Japan.



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