Regional Seminar for OIE Delegates on Activities of Specialist Commissions

18 November 2013


International standard setting, grounded on the science-based work of the four Specialist Commissions, is one of the OIE’s core responsibilities.  Each of the 178 OIE Members has an equal voice in the development and adoption of standards, and each Member has a responsibility to engage in this important work.

Taking the opportunity of the gathering of members at the 28th Conference of the Regional Commission, the OIE held a half-day special seminar, inviting all Delegates of regional Members and encouraging them to be more involved in development of standards.  The idea of this unique seminar came out of discussions at the Regional Commission meeting during the General Session in May. 

Forty (40) participants from 20 Members saw presentations by Drs Toshiyuki Tsutsui and Stuart MacDiarmid, Drs Ingot Ernst and Huang Jie, and Dr Yong Joo Kim about the activities of the Terrestrial Animal Health Standards Commission, Aquatic Animal Health Standards Commission and Scientific Commission, respectively.   Dr Peter Daniels of Biological Standards Commission, on a previously-arranged mission in Switzerland, kindly joined the seminar via Skype.

Following presentations about the four Specialist Commissions, participants and regional experts had an opportunity to closely discuss issues of concern in small-group settings.

Both regional Members and experts expressed appreciation for the seminar, the first of its kind, as well as the hope that it would become a regular event. 

We at the OIE hope that the seminar served to stimulate regional Members to become more actively involved in the OIE standards development process.



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