One Health: Inception Meeting

Inception Meeting of the OIE/JTF Project for Controlling Zoonoses in Asia under One Health Concept (Tokyo, Japan, 19-20 December 2013)

Interactions and convergence of people, animals and the environment has created a situation through which the health of animals inextricably linked with health of human and the viability of ecosystem. Over the last 3 decades, approximately 75% of new emerging human infectious diseases reported have been zoonotic diseases. Recent examples to the situation are Influenza A H7N9 occurrence in China and Middle East Respiratory syndrome corona virus (MERS-Cov) infection both of which have animal involvement.

Avian Influenza still remains as an important disease in the Asian Region as many countries namely Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China (Peoples Republic of), Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong (SAR), India, Korea (DPR) and Nepal have reported recent outbreaks of high pathogenicity avian influenza due to serotype H5N1 and others pausing a pandemic threat. Some countries in the region conducts vaccination for avian influenza as an option of controlling the disease but presently facing the dilemma of continuing or quitting from vaccination due to variety of reasons including possibility of virus reassortment.

In considering the situation of other zoonotic diseases in the region, Rabies should be considered as one of the most important diseases as 45% of worldwide human death due to rabies occur in Asia. Even though rabies is considered as an ancient viral disease, most of the countries in the region are rabies endemic and Chinese Taipei is the recent addition to the list which was free from rabies since 1959.

Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries of the government of Japan has contributed to control avian influenza in Asia since 2006 through OIE/JSTF Projects as well as through OIE/JTF project (2008-2012) by means of capacity building of veterinary services (laboratory equipment, training), assisting in conducting migratory bird surveillance and virological surveillance and information networking. The present OIE/JTF Project for Controlling Zoonoses in Asia under One Health Concept is a part of the assistance of Japanese Government to control zoonotic diseases in the Asian Region. In this connection, OIE Regional Representation for Asia and the Pacific organised the inception Meeting, during 19-20 December 2013 in Tokyo, Japan with the main objective to get endorsed the draft project framework for OIE/JTF One Health Project.

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