One Health

The “One Health” concept is founded on an awareness of the major opportunities that exist to protect public health through policies aimed at preventing and controlling pathogens at the level of animal populations, at the interface between humans, animals and the environment.

Putting the “One Health” vision into practice has been facilitated by a formal alliance on this topic between WHO, FAO and the OIE. The three Organizations have published a joint Concept Note clarifying their reciprocal responsibilities and their objectives in this field. They have also decided to choose the following as priority topics for their joint actions: rabies, which still kills nearly 70,000 people every year, zoonotic influenza viruses (those causing certain types of avian influenza, for instance) and antimicrobial resistance.

All the synergies between animal health, public health and environmental specialists should not be limited to only the international level, but must be translated as a new and fundamental paradigm at national levels. In order to enhance the collaboration between Veterinary Services and Public Health Sector of member countries in Asia on reducing risks of zoonotic potential, OIE RRAP launched the “OIE/JTF Project for Controlling Zoonoses in Asia under One Health Concept” in 2013.