OIE/Japan Special Trust Fund Project on HPAI Control at Source in Southeast Asia

The main objective of the Project is to strengthen the capacity of veterinary services at the regional and national levels to control HPAI. The Project will achieve this by: (i) providing support to improve regional and national HPAI control strategies; (ii) encouraging HPAI information sharing to further strengthen regional early warning system; (iii) strengthening the capacity of regional and national reference and diagnostic laboratories; and (iv) providing training to veterinarians and paraprofessionals in charge of HPAI control activities.

The Project is implemented in the following eight countries in Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Project comprises the following four components:

  1. To encourage the improvement of regional and national HPAI control strategies including the development of a contingency plan;
  2. To encourage HPAI information sharing to further strengthen regional early warning systems;
  3. To strengthen diagnostic capacity of regional collaborating laboratories and national reference/diagnostic laboratories for HPAI including the holding of training courses on advanced HPAI diagnosis and installment of high-performance diagnostic equipment; and
  4. To hold training courses for field veterinarians and para-professionals on HPAI strategic surveillance

Coordination Meetings

Second Meetings of the Coordination Committee and the Joint Steering Committee of the OIE/Japan Special Trust Fund Programme for HPAI Control at Source in Southeast Asia (Bangkok, Thailand, 13-15 December 2006)

The first MAFF-Japan/OIE/FAO Joint Conference on Special Trust Fund Programme for Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Control at source in Southeast Asia (Tokyo, Japan, 25-26 April 2006)

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The OIE/JSTF Project Phase II (2008-2009) includes (a) capacity building for diagnosis and surveillance of HPAI and (b) procurement and provision of laboratory equipment and materials, and complements the component II of the OIE/JTF Project 2008-2012.

Under each component, the following activities are planned:

 (a): annual regional meetings of Veterinary Officers for animal health information networking

 (b): 1. support to the OIE-PVS (evaluation of Veterinary Services)

        2.1. trainings on legislation for animal disease prevention and control measures, especially for HPAI

         2.2. trainings on diagnostic and surveillance technologies of AI

(c):  1. regional expert group meetings for planning and implementation of surveillance (capturing, marking and sampling, etc.)

        2. study of flying routes of wild/migratory birds by marking and satellite tracking

        3. establishment of a database for AI viruses

Activities related to the OIE/JSTF Project Phase II can be found here.

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