Good Governance of Veterinary Services: Workshops/Meetings

Regional Seminar for National Focal Points for Veterinary Laboratories, Jeju, Korea RO, 5-7 April 2016


The Regional Seminar for National Focal Points for Veterinary Laboratories (1st cycle – Asia and the Pacific) was held in Jeju, Korea RO from 5 to 7 April 2016. This seminar was attended by a total of 41 participants, including 25 representatives (21 Focal Points, 3 Proxies and 1 Observer) from 24 countries, 5 Speakers (including experts from AAHL, BSC, ad hoc group on Biosafety, FAO and WHO), 2 officials from the host country, 4 interns and 5 OIE staff.

The seminar provided participants 1) with knowledge of the rights, commitments and responsibilities of the OIE National Focal Points for Veterinary Laboratories in the standard-setting process and compliance with the OIE International Standards; 2) with information on the role and responsibilities of Veterinary Services or other relevant competent authorities for the national veterinary laboratory network; and 3) to share and discuss experiences between countries of the region.

The first day of the seminar focused on the work of the OIE related to veterinary laboratories including an overview of the OIE, the OIE international standards and standard setting process, and the WAHIS Interface.  The terms of reference of National Focal Points for Veterinary Laboratories, networking among veterinary laboratories and laboratory network mapping were other topics highlighted during Day 1.

Day 2 focused on the OIE Manuals of Diagnostic Tests and the relevant OIE standards applying to laboratories (e.g., biosafety / biosecurity, transport of specimens, validation of diagnostic tests, quality management systems). OIE Reference Centres and the Network of Expertise were also presented.

Day 3 focused on the OIE laboratory capacity building activities, such as the PVS Pathway and the PVS Laboratory Tool, the OIE Laboratory Twinning Programme, regional laboratory networking as well as networking with OIE Reference Centres.

A total of 3 group work sessions and 1 interactive session was conducted during this seminar on; Gr1) implemetation of a national laboratory network, Gr2) mapping laboratory network capacity and defining needs, Gr3) preparing comments for the Delegate on OIE draft Standards, and Interactive session) country experience on the implementation of the OIE Standards.

The seminar provided an opportunity to the participants to better understand of the role and duties of the OIE Focal Point for Veterinary Laboratories and the OIE’s role, mandate, activities and their implementation. The participants also increased their interactions with other Member Countries in the Region on issues related to veterinary laboratories, including the standard-setting process and their existing capacity and needs. The seminar provided more opportunities for exchange of information, expertise, strengths and challenges that enrich understanding of the current context of veterinary laboratories in Member Countries and allowed the OIE to consider Member Countries’ feedback on their needs and potential future OIE projects. The meeting went smoothly, allowed fruitful and sufficient discussion, was informative for participants using an interactive approach. All attendees showed appreciation to the OIE and host country.



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