1st East Asia National Contact Persons Meeting

1st East Asia National Contact Persons Meeting

(Pakse, Laos, 16-18 August 2017)

At the 1st East Asia CVOs forum meeting held last year in Tokyo, Japan, it was agreed to establish working groups on technical issues to enhance cooperation and information sharing among members from East Asia. With the SEACFMD National Coordinators meeting being held for the 20th time in Pakse, Laos, the opportunity was taken to hold the 1st East Asia Contact Persons meeting at the same time, to enable greater sharing of information and learn from the experience of SEACFMD.
Participants of the 1st East Asia Contact Persons meeting discussed and shared technical information on priority diseases such as FMD, Avian Influenza, PPR, Rabies and a range of swine diseases that are present or at risk of entering East Asia, such as African Swine Fever.
As this was the first meeting the of its kind, as well as sharing information on the current situation, members also proposed activities and more ways of coordinating  which will be further developed in the coming months.

It was agreed that the timely sharing of information on transboundary diseases, particularly Foot and Mouth Disease and Avian Influenza, as well as control and prevention strategies would benefit all the members. It is not only the sharing of information, but also developing a regional strategy for specific priority areas will be a major focus for the East Asia Contact Person’s. 



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