Competition Horses



International Movement of Competition Horses

Great numbers of horses are temporary imported between OIE Member Countries to participate in international equestrian events and races. It is necessary to mitigate the risk of spread of diseases affecting animals and humans in the context of these movements while avoiding unjustified sanitary barriers.

The Public-Private Partnership between the International Horse Sport Confederation (IHSC) and the OIE has as a main objective to facilitate temporary international movement of competition horses in equestrian sports and horse racing.

Reliable certification of horses according to OIE Standards on equine diseases and diagnostic tests, including on the “high health, high performance” horse (HHP) framework, as well as the good quality of the Veterinary Services in charge of certification are most important to facilitate safe temporary international movement of competition horses. Public-Private cooperation between the National Veterinary Services, the National Equestrian Federations and the National Racing Authorities is also a key factor to achieve safe movement of these competition horses.