Regional Programme - Asia and the Pacific

Activities of the Regional Representation for Asia and the Pacific can be summarized under following Programmes:

Aquatic Animal HealthThe prevention and control of diseases of fish and other aquatic animals through meetings, workshops and publications

FMD: OIE/JTF Project for FMD Control in Asia (2011-2015)

GF-TADs: The prevention and control of main trans-boundary animal diseases in Asia and the Pacific through activities of the Permanent Secretariat of the Regional Steering Committee of the Global Framework for progressive control of Trans-boundary Animal Diseases (GF-TADs) by strengthening disease control mechanism including epidemiological functions and strengthening capacity building on legislation and on laboratory diagnosis

Good Governance of Veterinary Services: for identification of priority investments, training trainers, and evaluation of Veterinary Services and promoting animal welfare

HPAI: Prevention and control of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) at source under OIE/JTF Projects by strengthening animal health information networking, capacity building of Veterinary Services, including legislation, laboratory diagnosis and surveillance of wild birds and domestic animals along migratory flyways, and establishment of a data base for Avian Influenza and provision of training programmes and laboratory equipment/materials

One Health: OIE/JTF Project for Controllign Zonoses in Asia under One Health Concept supports capacity building activities for prevention and control of zoonotic influenza and rabies

Support to Animal Health Services:

  • Animal Health Information and Communication
  • Emerging Diseases

Veterinary Products:The standardisation of veterinary biologics used in Asia and the Pacific in harmonisation of control methods and techniques

Veterinary Laboratories: Strengthening of diagnostic capacity of national laboratories on priority anial disease in collaboration with OIE Reference Laboratories

Competition Horses: The Public-Private Partnership between the International Horse Sport Confederation (IHSC) and the OIE to facilitate temporary international movement of competition horses in equestrian sports and horse racing.

Regional Conferences:

Other Activities