OIE Focal Points

During the 76th General Session of the World Assembly of National Delegates in May 2008 the importance of the focal point for information on animal diseases was re-iterated and Delegates were also requested to nominate additional focal points for wildlife, veterinary products, animal production food safety, animal welfare and aquatic animal diseases.

The responsibilities of the focal points are under the authority of the OIE Delegate. Any information transmitted to the OIE from the different focal points needs to be transmitted under the designated authority of the OIE Delegate. This practice would equally apply, if focal points are located in other Departments or Ministries not under jurisdiction of the Veterinary Authority, as from a legal perspective the OIE considers the official OIE Delegate to be the unique representative of the country.

While focal points serve primarily as a means for improved communication between Members and the OIE, their functions also include establishing networks and improved communications at the country level between two or more Competent Authorities. The OIE will continue to strengthen the network of focal points in their respective areas of competence, mainly through training course and workshops at regional and sub-regional level.

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